Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13

Contra Costa College - Intel - Code for Good Virtual Hackathon 2013


We are approaching another wonderful hackathon in 3 weeks. This one is named the "Virtual Hackathon". It is virtual in the sense that we will not all be in 1 building, but in separate houses working on different things. We will communicate to the other houses through the interwebs when necessary. Some of us members [including me] will be offering our houses for 3 days, from May 24 to May 26.

Code for Good Hackathon shirt front
Front design of the hackathon t-shirts
Is the entire shirt really pink? :P

Our hackathon was organized by the members, but we still have big thanks for Tom Murphy & Paul Steinberg, since they are getting food to keep us running & t-shirts to look cool. :D

Some of us will be going to XSEDE 2013 [Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment] in July, with one crazy goal in mind; we are going to make one heck of a complex game before XSEDE starts.

In the house of Goldilocks, we will be starting to work on a game we call "The Search for Goldilocks", in which the player finds a new suitable planet to live on. The game will use data from a server using data condensed from a star survey, like the Sloan Sky Survey. Based on information of the stars, the game will generate planets around the known stars, depending on how likely there can be planets.

We chose to make this a game because many of us CS students in Contra Costa College love video games & are actively learning how to make games. We have a few clubs here: Graphics and Gaming Guild, Parallel Programming, Computational Math, & Sisterhood of the Traveling Laptop. One goal later on is to have the different clubs work on the project.

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