Summer 2013 IUEE HTML5 Experience Day 1

    Our team is ' Seal Team 6 ' .  We are a team of five coming from many different educational back grounds. We have a mechanical, two electrical, and two computer engineering majors. We all have different programing experience. Our mechanical engineer has no experience with computer languages, but is very enthusiastic and excited to learn.One of our computer engineering majors has taken classes in HTML5, Java , C++, C and Prolog. Our other computer engineering major has only fromal training in Java and C Sharp, but is self taught in several languages including HTML5 and CSS. One of our electrical engineers has no formal training at all in computer language, but is self taught in several disciplines and is currently working as a web site marketer and maitenece. Myself, the other electrical engineer major of the group has only worked in a C++ fromat. 

    Our team idea is to develop a page that has a mathmatical game of hangman. The user will be given a math problem and if they answer correct they will be given an opportunity to guess a letter in the word. If they answer the problem incorrectly a peice of the hangman will be placed into the noose. 

    We split up into teams. Some working on a home page, some working on the hang man algaryths and other attending the java lecture. We started from scratch using canvas for our home page. We played with different back ground colors ect, added audio and a picture.Ffor the hang man script we found a code we were able to use for the skeleton of our game. We still have to build an algarythm into the process that gives the user a math problem and has a multiple choice answer that will be chosen by a click. So far the process has been very creative and fun!!!