Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience '13 - Code for Good Hackathon - Arizona Community College - ALPHA

The IUEE hackathon continues, & the students almost all have their apps in alpha.  They worked together very hard to get their apps to this point.  They used online resources to learn what they need & asked us facilitators when they got stuck.  Through their perseverance, they made apps that work for the most part.

Many of the students began as beginner programmers, some had never even seen code.  The hackathon gave everyone a taste of what programming is like, for example, during a busy time when a project deadline comes up & programmers have to pull all-nighters to finish.  Programming is not for all; a few of the students were extremely frustrated by the amount of brick walls they hit.  We hope that most people walk away with a lot of knowledge.

This hackathon is HTML5 oriented, so the apps are written in HTML & JavaScript. The theme is primarily about combatting poverty and educationl limitations, so most of the applications are about informing people about financing or keeping children educated.  The students have already demonstrated their apps in the alpha stage, meaning the app has the planned features, but is very unstable.  Here are the groups:

Morning Group

District QuarantineThis game is to make students aware of their academic decisions.  The player will take a quiz, be given job choices, & then shown success levels like money & happiness.  They plan for distributions through sources like school principals or organizations.
Iron ManThis game is to motivate education to math & sciences.  The player wears an iron suit with abilities, & she must correctly answer questions from STEM the field to become stronger & fight evil.
Stay StationThis app gives students incentives to pursue education.  In the ideal case, the app will be tied to their school course.  Better grades earn points, & the student can use the points to redeem things like gift cards.  They will also have access to teachers & mentors.
MapActThis app is to keep kids active by showing activity locations on a map. The user inputs a location into the map, & the app is suppose to show locations where the activities take place.  There is obvious danger in letting kids do this unmoderated, so a dream goal is to have credible people verify the activity advertisement.
E ClubThis website has games & a sandbox to experiment with HTML to illustrates the basic concepts of web development. It allows them to tweak and change the site however they wish & offers help , and other fun activities.
Sim Your LifeThe game is to help kids figure out what career path to they want.  Trough mini games, it simulate different career paths.  The player goes to a virtual school to do math, & a virtual work to play mini games.
Food SpotThe game is to keep people aware of food choices by rewarding people for posting & rating food in an Instagram-like system.  The player posts about food, & the community will talk about how healthy it is [while earning points].  There will be a score & leader boards system planned.
Smart LevelThis app is to further education.  It has games which can be used to earn points to redeem physical or virtual goods.  It has other applications embedded to add more variety.  There will also be community leader boards, for friends to compete with each other.
Cash TankThis application's goal is to teach financing, which is targeted towards teens.  It is a trivia game that reinforces important financial information.  The game awards points to the player for keeping up with budget, watching videos on financing, & proving knowledge of the information.


Afternoon Group

OnedersThis game is a guide for students to determine which STEM career they would be interested in.  The goal is to have a set of mini-games from the different STEM fields, to let the player experience each one.
Parenting GameThe end goal of this game is to build a family.  The player will answer questions & depending on her answer, the game avatar's mood, health, & education stats will change.  Through this, she will learn basic first aid, healthy diet, proper emotional support, finance, & time management.
Skit DevelopmentThis is a game is a 2D platforming game in which the player avoids an enemy.
This is a 2 player platforming game designed for a parent & child.  The student must answer math questions that is give to her by a monster.  By answering correctly, the monster is defeated.  The parent is constantly protecting the student while she is busy answering questions.
Adventure CastThis game is a Tetris game in which the player must answer algebra questions to get control the block.  If she gets the answer wrong, the block is not controllable & the block will likely land in an undesired spot.
Seal Team 6This game is a math version of hangman.  The number of correct answers to math questions will reward more guesses in hangman.
OniiThe goal of the app is to build on education of students in school.  Class attendance & participation will reward students with points.  The dream is to have the points reward with internships, field trips, & other good stuff.
Team AwesomeThis app is to reinforce concepts learned from class in a fun environment.  After doing the lessons, the student ranks up.  She will be rewarded with grades in class.  The app will have STEM based lessons that will test her knowledge, & there external resources to help her if she gets stuck.  There will be a leaderboard system for the students of a class to compete in.
AdventurePathThis game is about city building, in which money is earned by answering math questions.  There will be a Godzilla-like being that destroys the city.


Morning Group Screen Shots


Afternoon Group Screen Shots


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