- New Mesh Agent v1.67

Two days ago I started updating the Windows x86 Mesh Agent with the latest v1.67 version. In this latest agent, the major change is the new use of the Windows Crypto API. In the past, I would use OpenSSL for everything across platforms. This new version stull uses OpenSSL, but on Windows I now make more use of Windows Crypto API to generate and store cryptographic keys. Should make machines that use the new agent more officult to spoof. In addition, added improved support for Intel Remote Wake, the mesh agent will make use of this technology when available to make the computer wakable over the Internet.

Many computers have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and in the 64bit version of the Windows Mesh Agent, I added support for TPM. Sadly, I don't release the 64bit version of the Mesh Agent right now, but that may come later once I get everything validated. There is not much benefits to the 64bit version, except that I allow use of newer Windows API's that would break the Mesh Agent running on Windows XP and Vista.

So, in total the new mesh agent has a lot more support for Intel Platform Technologies. Below I have a picture of what the Mesh Agent looks like. Not bad for a single self-updating executable. All of the code is tightly integrated so there is very little wasted size. It's almost as tight as it can be. Click on the picture for a larger view.