Blast from My Past, How Meteor's Helped Me Understand Touch Sensors

After getting my Star Trek on while reading about writing code for the sensors on the Intel® Ultrabook at, I was pleased to see that Adrian Atkison had submitted an article titled, “Meteor Madness.” The game is reminiscent of way too many hours I spent on an Atari* avoiding and destroying astrological objects that can be found just outside Mars in our solar system. One of Mr. Atkison’s innovations is allowing both touch and classic keyboard control simultaneously during game play.  Since I have a historical feel for the game I found the explanations in this article particularly helpful in getting my new-to-sensors head around what one can do when going from traditional input devices to a touch input. Well done Adrian, I’m going to go blow up some space rocks.

Meteor Madness Article –

Gameplay Demo on Youtube – 

‘Roid Rage Game on Windows 8 Store –