Intel IUEE Oregon: Hackathon Day 2

Day 2 at the IUEE Hackathon 

My second day at IUEE was quite different from my first one. Today, the room was buzzing with participants who got into groups and combined their ideas to make ideas for a game that they are going to create. All of the ideas were very interesting. One group came up with the idea of having a jet, and your jet would have to avoid obstacles in order to survive. Another group came up with the idea of a virtual beer pong, where the more alcohol you consumed, the more the screen would start to shake therefore it being harder to make a goal. I thought that both of these were very creative ideas. 

The presentation today introducting Java Script was given by Brad Hill. He went through the steps using Notepad ++ on how to create game programs such as rolling a dice, so each time the page was refreshed, there was a different string of numbers. 

Altogether, the presentation and the ideas from the individual groups were very interesting. I myself am not very familiar with Java Script, but seeing the presentation was a good introduction for me.