Intel and Baidu Announced a Joint Mobile Application Test Center Offering Free Test For Applications for Intel Android Devices

Big news last week for Baidu, China's No. 1 search engine giant, Baidu, Inc. announced   that it will buy all equity interests in smartphone apps distributor 91 Wireless from NetDragon for a record 1.9 billion U.S. dollars. According to the memorandum of understanding, the move, which is Baidu's latest effort to show muscle to expand it business,  beyond its core search engine,  to the world’s No. 1  blooming mobile phone and tablet users ecosystem, is set to mark China's biggest merger and acquisition.

Another news for Baidu this week, Intel and Baidu announced the official launch of a joint mobile application Test Center (MTC), and offer free virtual test platform for compatibility as well as full test for application developed on Android on IA.


Picture above shows the Baidu Application Store interface. Most applications are free and in-app ads supported.

To help the majority of app application developers to quickly and cost-effectively develop and  publish applications for mobile devices based on Intel architectured.  Intel and Baidu is making available a combination of back-end server to the front end use of mobile devices,  mobile statistical services and one-stop testing and migration for mobile applications developers.  

Picture above shows the offical  Temple Run 2 application on The application has 50 millions downloads thus far.

Every time  there is a new phone comeing out on the market, it is a very troubling issue for an app developer, as they need to buy a lot of mobile phones to be tested, or borrow a phone from a friend. So it is very beneficial for developers and partners to have  a  free virtual environment for a quick and easy way to validate their app and to enter the ecosystem with minimum cost. The proposed MTC testing center can complete the quick compatibility test in 2 hours and is comprehensive fully compatible test  in 6 hours online.

The picture above shows the in-browser application store on Baidu has integrated its app store with the Baidu search page.. Bai Du Fact Sheet provides more information about Baidu and its search business.