Why User Experience Matters

In a world full of endless customer choices, software that meets end-user needs on an emotional level wins every time. With the launch of the new User Experience Innovation site, the Intel® Developer Zone helps you stay current with UX-centric design. The site offers answers to questions as to why app publishers and ISVs should focus their resources on developing amazing user experiences on Intel® Architecture, as well as what new platform experience capabilities are available or just around the corner.

Authors such as Matt Gillespie, an independent technology and business writer with a specialty in illuminating the real-world value of emerging hardware and software technologies, have contributed valuable content to the site. Gillespie offers decision makers at software companies in both the business and consumer markets insight on how Ultrabook systems can provide new opportunities to sell more applications.  It is part of a series of papers that explore key considerations in taking advantage of the Ultrabook market segment with software:

 As consumers become more sophisticated and empowered, software must continue to focus on delivering great user experiences to meet their growing expectations. Stay on the lookout as the site continues to provide new and exciting UX updates.