- Now with multi-display support!

Today I am announcing Meshcentral’s support for in-band Windows multi-display. This is by far the most requested feature to date. In Meshcentral, administrators can select a device and click on the desktop tab, this bring them to a fully web-based Javascript remote display viewer what can connect to remote computes and get full remote desktop. The protocols is fully web-optimized offering high speed remote desktop over the internet and inside a browser. No need to download a special application, all you need is an HTML5 web browser. Today, we added multi-display capability to this viewer. Users can see all the displays at once, or select to view only one. They can also switch in real time between the different viewers.

In addition to in-band remote display, Meshcentral already supports Intel AMT out-of-band remote multi-display. So, on select Intel platforms, administrators can perform web-based remote desktop in both in-band mode (then the OS is up) or out-of-band mode (when the OS is down). Allowing for complete control over a computer under any circumstances. Administrators will favor in-band remote desktop when possible because it can see all the multi-displays at once and has much greater speed over the Internet.

The new multi-display feature is part of Mesh Agent v1.72. The new mesh agent solves a problem where the agent would not switch correctly on some computers when pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL, so all around improvements.


Meshcentral now supports multi-monitor devices in our remote desktop web viewer.
(Unlimited monitor count)


Meshcentral also supports Windows 8 and Intel AMT out-of-band multi-monitor (up to 3 monitors*).
*Depending on Intel AMT version