Mobile Workshop a Success in Shanghai

The first ever Intel Mobile computing curriculum workshop was successfully held at the Intel Shanghai Zizhu site, with 30 attendees in total! The workshop fully trained the 5 universities (Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, Chongqing University), with a comprehensive training including Intel Medfield (architecture, power, performance, imaging, FFRD, Multi-media, communications, etc), Android (Linux Kernel, JNI, IPC/Biner, service), software (X86 NDK, C++ Compiler for Android, VTune Amplifier and Intel IPP for Android, Tizen etc) and application (Cocos2d-x Leading Game Development Technology Based On Intel X86 Platform) delivered by Intel senior technologists and Intel industry partners.

Additionally, 150 Medfield boards were donated during the workshop. The Intel-University Mobile Computing Joint Labs were also launched with plaques presented to each of the 5 universities. As part of global efforts to support the Intel technology ecosystem in mobility field, Intel mobility university program achieved great success in China.