Carnegie Mellon Receives Intel Funding To Enhance Student Learning Through Integrative Design and Mobile Computing

The Intel(r) Software Academic Program works to provide classroom tools to professors teaching courses in advanced technologies. The program builds relationships with universities to drive experiential classroom learning. The Intel(r) Software Academic Program is excited to start bringing Intel Internet of Things Technologies to students. The program has already seen success at Carnegie Mellon University. The newly formed Intel Design School Network at Carnegie Mellon recently announced  plans to embed principles of integrative design and related technologies in the academic experiences of students from all disciplines. Intel is funding a research scientist position at CMU to collaborate with faculty and students to advance technology/arts-based collaborative learning through eight Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology(IDeATe) concentrations launching in August 2014. We are excited to share some pictures from our partnership below.

Read more about Intel and Carnegie Mellon's partnership here