Chrome OS*, Got My Hands on a Chromebook*

Working for a behemoth like Intel does have benefits. Today's advantage is it took one day after sharing my first blog on Chrome OS* to be offered a computer to interact with. It was supplied by someone I've never met and it is BEAUTIFUL!

It's an HP* Chromebook* 14-q020nrIt is a nice change to see a computer come in a color other than silver or a shade of grey/black. This color is "Ocean Turquoise" according to the the color listed on PCWorld's* specs page. Other specs include - Intel® Celeron® 2955U with Intel HD Graphics (1.4 GHz, 2 MB cache, 2 cores), 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, battery life listed as 9 hours and weighs in just a bit over 4 pounds (~1.9 kg). Lots of ports, network connectivity, pretty much everything you'd want in a PC in a very good looking and feeling package - including HDMI.  The cover has a matte/slightly rough texture - which makes it less likely to be dropped in my opinion. Speaking of hands, this machine does not include a touch screen.

Open the computer up and you see a very familiar input layout - at least it LOOKS familiar. Upon further inspection I did notice a one difference from this machine and my Windows* machines - the Function key row is marked only with the special functions each key performs like refresh and volume control. The ESC and POWER keys are also on the top row - outside left and outside right respectively - exactly where I'd want them to be.

Finally, the keyboard doesn't have a Windows* key or Apple* command key. I haven't missed them so far. I discovered this when I went to put the computer to sleep.  I'll have to learn a new set of keyboard shortcuts. 

After a few minutes of browsing I didn't realize I was on a Chromebook. Response time was more than acceptable, I had my usual 6 tabs up and running and it wasn't until I went to press the "lock" hot-key combination like I do on my HP EliteBook 8470p Windows machine that I realized I was not on the Intel supplied office computer.  

For the next 4 days I booted the computer to my personal email and news sites while working on the office computer, checking in on the computer during the day 7 or 8 times. It woke quickly and browsed as I expected. This was all done on a single battery charge!

Its a nice looking, responsive, long-battery life laptop. My first impression with Chrome OS on this computer, pleasantly satisfied.

Chrome OS Vol.14 Issue 2 TCD