One Month In

The end of this week marks the end of my first month at Intel. My experience thus far has been incredibly positive. I continue to be amazed by the company’s culture. Not only is it very open, but it’s also very encouraging. Almost everyone I’ve met has encouraged me to explore the company how I see fit, talk to everyone I can, and work on projects I find interesting.

Additionally, the work I’ve been assigned has been both challenging and interesting. Coming from a non-technical background, it’s been hard to get up to speed in some respects, but, looking back, I can say that I’ve learned things that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned. And that’s really important.

On an entirely different note, I’m from the Philadelphia area, and before flying out to the Portland area, my parents and I discussed what I’d do if I got sick. My response was something like “I don’t ever get sick so I don’t need to worry about seeing a doctor”.

Well, I needed to see a doctor.

So let me just highlight how incredible it is that Intel has doctors onsite. I’m not familiar with the Portland area, or with medical insurance, and being able to walk next door and see a doctor without worrying about anything related to health insurance was absolutely amazing. The next best option would have been a horrible one, and it would have created a lot of stress in my life.

Every company tells prospective employees – and the press – that it’s a great company to work for. With every passing day, I believe more and more that Intel truly is.