Android Apps for the Intel Platform Learning Series : Introduction to Embedded Systems

In my previous blog, I noted that the new book “Android* Application Development for the Intel® Platform” is available for ordering  and downloading at Amazon or Apress It provides a lot of information in its 520 pages.  Currently the Kindle version of the book is still free on Amazon, and direct download of free book in PDF, and other formats is available from Apress.

The chapter one of this book discusses the principles for embedded systems, the architecture of SoC, and some pros and cons of platforms such as ARM and x86/x64. Application developers for PCs often ignore the hardware and focus completely on their software, because the two entities are quite independent. However, developers cannot ignore embedded system hardware. Due to the unique features of SoC, constrained resources, and integration of hardware and software, developers need to understand the working principles and mechanisms of the hardware and hardware layers in order to design efficient applications for the SoC (for example, ARM and x86 have different hardware). 

What you’ll learn in this chapter are:

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Definition of an Embedded System

  • Hardware Architecture (Von Neumann vs Harvard)

  • Microprocessor Architecture ( RISC, CISC:x86, MIPS, PowerPC and SuperH)

  • Software Architecture( HW abstraction layer, OS layer, and application layer)

  • Special Difficulties of Embedded Application Development.

Download the attached PDF version of this chapter  to your laptop or mobile device to learn the subject at your convenient time

Please stay tuned for the following posts for the rest of the book.

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