MeshCentral2 - Beta 1

This is a big day as MeshCentral2 is going into BETA. Yesterday I released on MeshCentral2 v0.0.4 on NPM, this is the version I now consider BETA 1. It’s the first version of MeshCentral2 that includes a minimal usable set of feature and the all new MeshAgent2 for Windows. For people not familiar with MeshCentral2, it’s a web site you can install on a server in about a minute that allows you to remotely manage and control other computers on a local network or over the internet using a web portal. It’s super easy to get started. To prove it, I have a new installation YouTube video showing the entire process. Once installed, you can also check out the  next video which goes over some of the typical usages.

The new MeshAgent2 is built and maintained by Bryan Roe, who have been working on this agent for many months and 1000’s of hours, including many late nights. Many more bug fixes are still to be done and this server should NOT be used for production usages, but it is mostly feature complete and lined up for our first release later this year. Some of the features supported in MeshCentral2 now include:

  • Polymorphic MeshAgent2 for Windows.
    • Automatic native agent executable update.
    • JavaScript core module support with automatic update.
    • Remote desktop, terminal and files.
  • Server support for multi-tenancy.
  • File storage on the server.
  • All real-time web interface.
  • Install the server in 1 minute, easy to keep updated.
  • Server runs on Windows and Linux.

The new Polymorphic MeshAgent is worth a bit of explanation: In the old MeshCentral, the mesh agent was entirely built in C and needed to be re-compiled on all platforms each time you need more features or a different usage flow. The new MeshAgent2 uses a tiny JavaScript runtime to run the brains of the agent, that is pushed to the agent separately. The result is a single native executable that can connect back to the MeshServer, with all of the smarts coming from the server in the form of a JavaScript file that is platform independent and can be modified and swapped instantly. You end up with, I think, the most flexible remote management architecture ever.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire

MeshCentral2 architecture is a big step forward from what we had before.

MeshCentral2 is full of remote management features, and installs in minutes.

Our new tutorial videos make it easy to get started and start using MeshCentral2 like a pro.