Ubuntu* Core on an Intel® NUC

Ubuntu* Core is a version of the Ubuntu Linux* distribution modified for use on IoT devices.  It employs a "snap" packaging system, originally developed for Ubuntu Mobile Devices, and brings many phone “features” to the IoT Developer.

Over the Air upgrades, OS updates, transactional installs with auto rollback on failure and fine grained permissions, for example no camera, or network access can be specified.

A snap is a compressed, packaged app, (or suite of apps) that is usually a self contained portable, secure container that is installed on Ubuntu Desktop or Core OS.

The webinar registration is at https://software.seek.intel.com/DevelopingIoTApplications_Reg and it has a live Q&A session. If you missed the webinar and viewed it after the event, then please post your questions to this blog and I'll try and answer them.  

There was a large set of hyperlinks presented at the webinar, and the section below has that list in a clickable format.

http://tutorials.Ubuntu.com  a series of easy to follow documents with code.

https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/04/06/from-ros-prototype-to-production-on-ubuntu-core/  soup to nuts blog series featuring the kobuki turtlebot 2 robotics base.

http://forum.snapcraft.io a forum, duh!

https://github.com/campbieil/mqtt-for-ubuntu-core a recommended easy to follow example

https://uappexplorer.com/apps?type=snappy_application&category=media-video the recommended place to look for ready built snaps.

https://snapcraft.io/docs/ official documentation

https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft this has a large set of example snapcraft.yaml files for different build systems, look in demo directory

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