Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | October

Karandeep Singh Dhillon

AI Student Ambassador Karandeep Singh Dhillon: Using Deep Learning to Solve Real-World Issues

With an extreme interest in deep learning and a love of coding, Student Ambassador Karandeep is creating parking and safe driving applications using AI.

Face Recognition Application

How to Build a Face Access Control Solution

Use this IoT reference implementation to create a facial recognition application.

Fidgetech Game Jam

FIDGETECH*: Where Technology and Autism Meet

Intel® Software worked with FIDGETECH* to create a Game Jam where young autistic adults were taught game design by professional game developers.

HPC DevCon 2017

Intel® HPC Developer Conference: For the HPC Practitioner

The Intel HPC Developer Conference 2017 aims to deliver practical, hands-on advice that attendees can apply to their development efforts. Register today!

Student Ambassadors

AI Developers and Students ‘Go Big’ at Intel® AI Academy DevJam Event

500 attendees at the AI DevJam events worked on sharpening their machine learning skills, as well as engaging with Intel and external AI experts who are part of Intel’s Innovator and Student Ambassador programs.


Digital Happiness Taking DreadEye Aim at VR

A haunted high school? Digital Happiness uses VR to amp up the horror with it’s new release, DreadEye.


Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family

Learn about how new technical features and micro architectures increase the performance of the latest offering from the Intel® Xeon processor family.

Greenman Gaming

Green Man Gaming* and Intel Help PC Game Developers Grow

Millions of gamers worldwide discuss, discover, and share all things gaming at Green Man Gaming, an eCommerce business that helps independent development studios market their games globally.


Get Started with IoTivity* on Intel Devices

Use this tutorial to get started on IoTivity, a framework that is cross-platform, architecture independent, and an open-source solution for developers to use with their IoT devices.

Spider-Man* Homecoming

Spider-Man*: Homecoming Virtual Reality Experience with Intel® Innovator, Justin Lassen

Working with Sony* Pictures VR, Marvel* Studios, and Intel, Justin Lassen created this Spider-Man* virtual reality experience.

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