OpenCourseWare : Win8 on Intel Ultrabooks and Tablets

Win8 is proposing a beautiful and fluid user interface because users want more than just a tool.
Win8 is designed for touch, but is also working great with a touchpad and keyboard : that's the "no compromise" Win8 strategy.

Ultrabooks, tablets, convertibles and detachables
Ultrabooks are designed to be beautiful, thin, and have a great battery life. Several designs are available depending on your usage : touch screen on Ultrabooks, detachable touch screen acting as a tablets, pure tablets, tablets with a dockable keybaord, ... etc.
Most of the designs propose both a real touch mode to browse and a real keyboard+touchpad mode to edit.

Perfect match
As you can imagine, Win8 and Ultrabooks are a perfect match. Win8 user interfaces are perfectly complementing the hardware designs.

But programming for touch, adopting the new "Modern User Interface" design style and proposing good usage models for this new class of hardware+software is not natural for most developers.
There's a new mix of technologies compared to Windows 7, there's new style rules, a new validation process ... developers need help and training.

That's why the Intel Software Academic Program developed a full course on Win8 programming on intel based Ultrabooks and tablets. The course is open source and is provided with slides and labs. (Cedric Andreolli from Intel Paris is the main author)
If you are a developer you can use this course directly for training.
If you are a professor, you're welcome to take it, edit it and teach it your way. Feel free to contact us regarding the integration of this course with your curriculum : we like to receive feedback, and we may be able to help you.
Check the courses directly from :

Topics covered
Metro User Interface is of course the first topic covered, with labs in HTML5+JS using sensors.
Then desktop programming with WPF and sensors.
Following desktop programming, we propose you to learn Perceptual Computing using the Intel Perceptual SDK.
Watch this video to see what you can with the SDK and 4 hours of coding. The course+lab is covering the development of this game.

Hackathons and contests
Having a course is good, but it's not enought to fully understand and test Win8 programming. So we are proposing hackathons and international software contests for professors, students and professional developers.

We value your opinion and hope to hear from you, feel free to contact us !
Paul Guermonprez
Intel Software Academic Program manager for Europe, Russia, MiddleEast, Africa

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