Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 1, April 2009

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  • Think Parallel or Perish, by James Reinders
    James Reinders, Lead Evangelist and a Director with Intel® Software Development Products, sees a future where every software developer needs to be thinking about parallelism first when programming. He first published “Think Parallel or Perish“ three years ago. Now he revisits his comments to offer an update on where we have gone and what still lies ahead.


  • Parallelization Methodology
    The four stages of parallel application development addressed by Intel® Parallel Studio.


  • Writing Parallel Code Safely, by Peter Varhol
    Writing multithreaded code to take full advantage of multiple processors and multicore processors is difficult. The new Intel® Parallel Studio should help us bridge that gap.


  • Are you Ready to Enter a Parallel Universe: Optimizing Applications for Multicore, by Levent Akyil
    A look at parallelization methods made possible by the new Intel® Parallel Studio—designed for Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers of Windows* applications.


  • 8 Rules for Parallel Programming for Multicore, by James Reinders
    There are some consistent rules that can help you solve the parallelism challenge and tap into the potential of multicore.