Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 21, May 2015

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  • Letter from the Editor, by James Reinders
    Happy Birthday, MPI
  • An Introduction to MPI-3 Shared Memory Programming:
    An All-MPI Alternative to MPI/OpenMP* Programming Worth Considering

    The MPI-3 standard introduces another approach to hybrid parallel programming: the new MPI Shared Memory (SHM) model, which enables incremental changes to existing MPI codes in order to accelerate communication between processes on shared-memory nodes.
  • Intel® MPI Library Conditional Reproducibility
    The Intel® MPI Library uses algorithms that guarantee deterministic reductions for different collective MPI operations. The authors demonstrate the impact of such algorithms using a simple example moving from a repeatable to a conditionally reproducible outcome, without the need to modify the application’s source code.
  • Intel® MPI Memory Consumption
    Memory consumption analysis is a complex task. This article discusses the estimated memory consumption for the Intel® MPI Library and helps users fine-tune library settings for a reduced memory footprint