Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 33, July 2018

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  • Letter from the Editor: What's the Big Deal about BigDL? by Henry A. Gabb
  • Advancing Artificial Intelligence on Apache Spark* with BigDL by Jason Dai and Radhika Rangarajan
    Features, use-cases, and the future.
  • Why WebAssembly Is the Future of Computing on the Web by Rich Winterton, Deepti Aggarwal, Tuyet-Trang (Snow), Lam Piel, Brittney Coons, and Nathan Johns
    The history and new direction of processing in the browser.
  • Code Modernization in Action: Threading, Memory, and Vectorization Optimizations by Dmitry Prohorov, Cedric Andreolli, and Philippe Thierry
    Using the latest Intel® Software Development Tools to make more efficient use of hardware.
  • In-Persistent Memory Computing with Java* by Eric Kaczmarek and Preetika Tyagi
    The key to adaptability in modern application programming.

  • Faster Gradient-Boosting Decision Trees by Ying Hu, Oleg Kremnyov, and Ivan Kuzmin
    How to lift machine learning performance using Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL).
  • Hiding Communication Latency Using MPI-3 Non-Blocking Collectives by Amarpal Singh Kapoor, Rama Kishan Malladi, Nitya Hariharan, and Srinivas Sridharan
    Improving HPC performance by overlapping communication and computation.