Download Software FAQ

How do I download or update my software?
To download your Intel® software product files:
  1. Sign in to the Intel® Registration Center.
  2. From the list of products on the main page, choose the product you want, and then select Download.
  3. From the Choose a Version drop-down menu, select the desired version. The versions are ordered first by major release, and then by update number from newest to oldest.
  4. In the Choose a Download Option section, select the blue button that best suits your needs (there may be multiple options). For older product versions, you may need to select a box indicating consent to an agreement to see the buttons.

Alternatively, if Intel® Software Manager is installed, update your installed products by going to the Downloads tab, and then select Update.

Note You can only access new versions of the product until your support expires.

How do I download older versions of my product?

See How do I get an older version of an Intel® Software Development Product?

What is the difference between a customizable package and a full package?

With a customizable package, download and install exactly what you need. You can choose all component products from the full package or just a subset. In addition, you can install the package immediately while connected to the internet or download the customized package and install it later without requiring an internet connection.

The full package is intended for cross-platform use. For example, you can download the full Linux* package on a Windows* system and transfer it to the intended platform. The full package download cannot be customized, but you can still choose the configuration you want during installation.

Where can I download the Intel® Software License Manager for my floating license?

The Intel® Software License Manager is only available if a floating license is associated with your account. It is not needed for other license types.

  1. Sign in to the Intel® Registration Center.
  2. Select the product that has a floating license.
  3. On the Subscription History page, next to Intel® Software License Manager, select Download.
  4. From the Choose a Version drop-down menu, select the operating system for the license manager installation. This can be different than the operating system the software product will be installed on.
  5. In Choose a Download Option, select Download.
When downloading updates, I get a message that says "No products found." What do I do?

Close your browser, delete your cookies, and then sign in again. If the problem persists, see Get Help.

Why can't I download the Intel® Fortran Compiler with Rogue Wave* IMSL* anymore?

Intel no longer provides Rogue Wave* IMSL* Numerical Libraries. If you have a license, Intel converted it to a license for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition (which is bundled with an Intel Fortran Compiler.) You can still get the library from Rogue Wave.

Where can I download the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) cryptography library?

Choose from the following procedures, depending on the version you need to download.

Instructions for version 2018 and newer

Instructions for version 2017 and older

What should I do if my .tgz file downloads as a .solitairetheme8 file?

If your Windows* system has Microsoft* Solitaire Collection installed, your system may automatically assign the .solitairetheme8 extension to .tgz files. Downloads for Linux* systems use the .tgz extension, so they can sometimes be mistakenly reassigned.

You can resolve this issue by renaming the file and changing the extension back to .tgz.

To prevent any reoccurrence, change the file association on your Windows* system or uninstall the Solitaire Collection.

Where can I find product checksums?
See the article Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Compilers Checksums.