What is target COH in ModelOptimizer for?

What is target COH in ModelOptimizer for?

In documentation two targets are described:

  • APLK - CPU and GEN support for Next-Generation Intel® Atom™ Processors (formerly Apollo Lake) and 6th Generation Intel® Core Processors with Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics and HD Graphics
  • XEON - Intel® Xeon® processor based servers

    Different target configurations might result in different analysis or conversion in Model Optimizer, so make sure the target configuration is aligned to the platform you are going to use.

Tool returns 3 Targets:

./ModelOptimizer -ListT

Default target is COH in mo/bin/Preferences.xml

What COH is for?


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The documentation is correct.  This is a mistake in the model optimizer which will be corrected in a future release.  Thank you for pointing this out and helping us improve the Computer Vision SDK.