Disabling AMT in BIOS

Disabling AMT in BIOS


In BIOS i have disabled AMT(Intel AMT- Disabled), but i'm able to add the system to Intel commander tool eventhough it's disabled in BIOS.
I'm able to see all AMT properties in commander tool.
Is that correct behaviour?


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That is odd... Did you reboot? If you shut down the Commander and bring it back up, does it still show all the AMT information?

Hi Gael,

There are two places to disable AMT feature
1. In BIOS, Advance chipset Feature ->Intel AMT (Enabled,Disabled)
2.CTRL+P to go AMT Menu(Inte ME Control state(Enabled,Disabled)

I tried disabling AMT in BIOS menu, after that i did not get message CTRL+P for going intel ME
but AMT is enabled internall and able to add in commander tool

ThenI enabled AMT in BIOS and pressed Ctrl+P and disabled AMT in ME menu. After this change i'm unable to add AMT system in Commander tool. But in BIOS it's showing as AMT enabled
I guess some conflict between BIOS and ME features


Which OEM is your system? The different OEMs do implement BIOs features differently. With some of them, disabling AMT in the BIOS is similar to doing full unprovisions and clearing the CMOS. However, the MEBx extenstions should have the same behavior across different OEM implementations. If you disable AMT from the MEBx settings, you will not be able to detect AMT on the system.

Here's a concise, plain English guide on how to disable Intel AMT

There is additional information on AMT disabling in the Intel SA 00075 Mitigation Guide