PXE Boot problem after AMT Enabled (no network connection)

PXE Boot problem after AMT Enabled (no network connection)

We have remove provision certificate. With the certificate, 3 different model computers(HP 800 AIO,Dell 7440 AIO, HP 800 G2 AIO)were configured. Amt is fully operational, no problem with it. But, when we want to reimage the pc with PXE, we have a problem.  There is network connection while pc is booting from F12, but suddenly, after boot image is loaded, network connection is lost. 

The common point of the computers is the network card model,it is intel 219-lm.

But, i couldnt find a solution. Do you have any idea?


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If your actually getting into a WinPE or Linux image, the first thing to check is if the network drivers are working.




after booting from winpe, the network connectivity is OK, pc is getting IP from DHCP, the Operating system image task sequence is started but in a random time, connectivity is lost. The time of the connectivity problem is not the same for each time. sometimes 10 seconds later, sometimes 5 minutes later.

I think it is not driver problem. Because, i have more than 2 pcs with same configuration (same brand, same model), one of them is provisioned with RCS, the others are not. we have no problem with the other computers, no connectivity lost. But after provisioning of the pc, the problem arises.