I'm having no luck installing PyWin32 on IntelPython27.  This is located here:

First problem is that IntelPython27 is not registered in Registry.  A fix for this is here:

Next problem is installer at the end can't find msvcr90.dll.  Workaround for this is to copy msvcr90.dll from C:\windows\CoreApps\Microsoft_OfficeProfessional_2010SP1\Office.en-us to c:\IntelPython27.

Finally installer works but then when trying to do "import win32com" in Python I get this error: DLL load failed, specified module couldn't be found.  In particular, win32api is not present.

I would greatly appreciate if people at Intel could sit down at a Windows 7 box and try this out on IntelPython27.


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The problems you mention also happen on other Python 2.7 distributions, at least the ones I usually work with. Installing PyWin32 has always been an issue in many distributions.

It's a deal breaker for me, I uninstalled IntelPython27 and installed WinPython.

Also I noticed that IntelPython27 and vanilla Python and WinPython are not good at making themselves known in the Windows Registry on install, I had to do that by hand.


I also had to do that by hand. Probably, as we are sharing feedback, it can be a feature that can be included in a future version, close to the final version.