How to install/use the Intel distribution of Python from my Jupyter Notebook? Are there constraints?

How to install/use the Intel distribution of Python from my Jupyter Notebook? Are there constraints?

I run Windows10 and have installed Python via Anaconda3.  I just downloaded the zip files that are provided by Intel and include the Python distribution by Intel.  I would like to know what steps should I take to install the Intel distribution of Python and use it from within my Jupyter Notebook.  Also are there any constraints?  E.g., are there Python libraries that will not run with this distribution?  In particular, can I use Tensorflow 2.0 with the Intel distribution of Python?

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Thanks for reaching out to us. 

To answer your first query :
In order to use intel-python with jupyter notebook. An easy solution is to use conda environment. Please follow the below steps

Step 1: Create a virtual environment in Anaconda with required Intel Distribution for python. For that, You need at least conda 4.1.11, so first update your conda using :  

conda update conda

   To get Intel packages over default packages, add the Intel channel as follows :        

conda config --add channels intel

   To install the latest full Intel python distribution :

conda create -n idp intelpython3_full python=3

Step 2: Activate your virtual environment with  

conda activate idp

Step 3: Now, you have the virtual environment with intel-python installed.  Now you have to install jupyter-notebook additionally for the new environment with this command (after the activation of the environment with the command above):


conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab

step 4: 

Run the below command to start jupyter notebook

jupyter notebook

Step4 will output an url which you can paste in your browser to start using jupyter notebook with intel distribution of python

Coming to your next query if other python libraries like tensorflow could be used with intel distribution of python. Yes you can use these libraries and frame works with intel distribution of python the same manner you use with normal python

Hi Alexander,

Could you please confirm if the solution provided helped.



Arun Jose

Hi Alexander,


We are closing this case assuming the solution provided helped.  Please feel free to raise a new thread in case of further issues


Arun Jose


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