Issue with SkeletonPoint

Issue with SkeletonPoint

My Dear,

When I open the RF_PersonTracking project in the Realsense SDK samples, I was confused by the following codes in the DrawSkeleton function.

   pxcI32 numPoints = personJoints->QueryNumJoints();

    if (!joints) 
        joints = new PXCPersonTrackingData::PersonJoints::SkeletonPoint[personJoints->QueryNumJoints()];

 The numPoints's value is always ten,

no matter what the PersonTrackingConfiguration. SkeletonJointsConfiguration.SkeletonMode is AREA_FULL_BODY or AREA_UPER_BODY.

By the way, I get the Exception in my project(using C#)when I use QueryJoints function to assign the skeletonpoint var.

  if (skeletonpoints == null)
      skeletonpoints = new PXCMPersonTrackingData.PersonJoints.SkeletonPoint[] { };

Could you help me, thx.

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anyone can help me?


I can't promise you anything but I hit the same problem as you did and I wrote up my temporary fix to it in this blog post here;

and it essentially came down to having to change the definition of the type SkeletonPoint in the SDK so as to ensure that the .NET marshalling layer knew what to do with the unbounded array declared in there named 'reserved'.

Apologies if my post turns out to be wrong or doesn't fix your problem - just trying to be helpful.