Call cilk function from c++

Call cilk function from c++

Hi I am parallelizing an existing serial project, and by far I just want to parallelize a few fucntions into cilk approach. There are lots of source files and I don't want to change all their extensions to .cilk. Is it possible that some upper level c++ codes call a cilk function ? If yes, how ?I found a chapter explaining how to mix c++ and cilk code in your document but only few paragraphs talk about serial code to call cilk code. I still don't quite understand how to do it after reading the document.Thank you very much

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Intel Cilk Plus doesn't require you to rename your files. It works with standard C and C++ files. One of the major benefits of Intel Cilk Plus over Cilk++ is that it uses standard linkage, so you can call Cilk functions directly from C and C++.

The documentation on Intel Cilk Plus is available at

- Barry