Crash when calling new hkpWorld

Crash when calling new hkpWorld

I'm working on Havok initializing,I copy the codes from the demos,and it crashes atnew hkpWorld(): hkMemoryRouter* memoryRouter = hkMemoryInitUtil::initDefault( hkMallocAllocator::m_defaultMallocAllocator, hkMemorySystem::FrameInfo( 5000* 1024 ) ); hkResult result=hkBaseSystem::init( memoryRouter, NULL); if (result==HK_SUCCESS) { hkpWorldCinfo info; info.setBroadPhaseWorldSize(100.0f); info.setupSolverInfo( hkpWorldCinfo::SOLVER_TYPE_4ITERS_MEDIUM ); hkpWorld *world= new hkpWorld( info ); }Do I miss something?

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Hi ixnehc-There are a couple things:1. You need to specify an errorReport function. You can't simply pass in NULL. The simplest thing is to define a function that forwards to printf (as shown in the SimpleConsoleMain standalone demo):

static void HK_CALL errorReport(const char* msg, void*)


printf("%s", msg);

Once you have that defined, your hkBaseSystem::init line looks like:
hkBaseSystem::init( memoryRouter, errorReport);
2. Your hkpWorld is "scoped" to the if(result==HK_SUCCESS) {...} block. In order to use that variable outside of the if-block, you must do this:
hkpWorld* world;

if (result==HK_SUCCESS) {


world = new hkpWorld(info);

Otherwise, the world variable will go "out of scope" when you exit the if-block and subsequent code will not be able to use it! This sort of thing is checked at compile time.3. Take a look at the code in:Demo\StandAloneDemos\ConsoleExample\SimpleConsoleMain.cppto see the absolute minimum required to configure Havok.If you do all that and still have problems, I can help you better if you tell me exactly which demo you copied your code from. Also, more information on what is reported when a crash occurs would be useful.-Josh

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Hi Josh: Thank you for replying. It's just a testing code,so I donot care about the "out of scope" thing. It still crashes when I supply a error handler function. My codes is very same with in the SimpleConsoleMain.cpp,except for some Multithread poolstuff,is that important? I trace the assembly and find the location it crashes: 05F02EE5 call dword ptr [hkpBroadPhase::s_createSweepAndPruneBroadPhaseFunction (6903FE0h)] The value of hkpBroadPhase::s_createSweepAndPruneBroadPhaseFunction is 0x00000000.Seems not been correctly initialized. Do I miss something?

Hi: Problem solved.It seems I missed a PRODUCT define.After I add the following line,it works correct.#define HK_FEATURE_PRODUCT_PHYSICSThank you for concerning.