coarray problems

coarray problems


i execute since many days a fortran coarray soft (for teach use) which is a simple matrix computation. I have make it myself.

1) Today when i execute it, without debugging, i have in a console windows (it's a console project) : unknown option : -localonly and the program ask for a touch to stop the program. It's on visual studio 2010 on windows 7. On unix i have not this problem.

I try to modify a lot of option of the compiler (i don't understand all) but this errors alway arrive !

2) my program (when it's run) which make a product of two matrix (n,n) take a lot of time only for some dimension (n is power of 2 : 1024, 2048, 4096 ..) ! This error arrive on linux and windows.

Some one has an experiment about theses errors ?

Thanks you very much

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Hi latomicien,

Could you post the source code you are using, along with the compiler options you are using? Also, what is the output from

ifort -V

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