MTL Deferent performance

MTL Deferent performance

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While Im testing some programs on the MTL I found that, there is deference in the performance from time to time, that is for the same program and for the same data input, I found also the case the performance is get down mainly when the QFREE command return 3busy nodes and 0 is free, what Im asking here is the time command return the time including the waiting for free node or just the time for the program execution?

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Given the noticed disparity of running the time command on the batch systems and the possibility of other jobs on the same machine affecting the duration. We would suggest that you adda time API to your code and remeasure, i.e.


main(int argc, char *argv[])
struct timeval before, after;
double timetaken;

gettimeofday(&before, NULL);

do work

gettimeofday(&after, NULL);

// calculate elapsed time
timetaken = (after.tv_sec - before.tv_sec) +
(after.tv_usec - before.tv_usec)/1000000.0;