Issue while using Intel Concurrency Checker Tool

Issue while using Intel Concurrency Checker Tool


One of my ISV (Total Computers)have encountered a problem while testingtheir product using the latest ver of Intel Concurrency Checker. The error occurs at the final stages ofpeformance data capturing from iCC . Below is the set of error messageis get in a small window.

" Run time error!
Program C:\\Cocuments& Settings\\Administrator\\Sesktop\\button\\New folder
- Floating Point Support Not Loaded "

Theytried downloading the iCC tool again on a different system, but the issue still exists. It would be great if you can get this issue solved at the earliest.

OS: Win7 (32 bit)

Java Runtime: They have downloaded the latest from

~ Praveen

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Dear Praveen,

We have tested new ICC tool on different OS like WinDows 7(32Bit), WinDows XP(32 Bit) and WinDows 2K8R2 also. It is working fine.


Are you running the 64-bit iCC tool on a 32-bit version of Windows?