adquire another havok TM software - 2

adquire another havok TM software - 2

hi again,

one time ago, I was tried to adquire a havok licence for Cloth, Destruction and AI products, but to date not received any response when i was on colombia, currently, I was travelled to quito ecuador, for job motives. I ask me because I havent received any class of response. but since I'm here in Quito decided to make another attempt to acquire a havok license of their software, cloth, destruction and AI.I wonder if I would have opportunity to
receive an optimal and prompt response ... here may help the local currency, that is the dollar such as the United States ..

thanks for all,

I will waiting your important response...

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Hi Michael,

How did you approach Havok about acquiring a license?

Did you go through the purchase inquiry page

As it says:
If you are interested in a Commercial Evaluation Copy, fill out the form below and a representative will contact you promptly. The Commercial Evaluation Copy is for professional game developers with offices in North America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia or Singapore.
Please note, inquiries from personal emails e.g. gmail, aol, yahoo, hotmail, etc., will not receive a response.

It may be that the sales team can't deal with your company if it's based in South America - I'm not sure of the legalities.

I'm not sure if you used a company email or a personal one - I think the reason personal mails don't get a response is that the commercial licenses can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars so private individuals don't tend to be commercial customers.

There is a budget option called Havok Strike: which might be more suited to independent developers.

If you've tried the contact details on that page and got no response I can try to put you in contact with someone from the sales team.