SLAT or EPT support

SLAT or EPT support

Hyper-V V2 included in WS 2008 R2 uses SLAT (or EPT), which makes VMs run faster. However, I cannot determine, which Intel CPUs support this?

It seems that EPT is included in the VT-x support of some CPUs (Nehalem and according to some sources, also Westmere).

So what is the list of the supported CPUs? E.g. i5-760, i5-2400, Q9400?

Yours, Sakari

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Hi Sakari,

All Nehalem and later processes have EPT support as part of VT-x. In the Intel product catalog, look for processors with the name format iX-XXX (e.g., i5-XXX). Q9400 doesn't have it because it is based on Core2.

You might also try searching Microsoft's Web site for a Hyper-V HCL (hardware compatibility list).

David Ott