It's a really nice program, but could be much more useful if it had an optimizer, I mean it could make suggestions on how to reorderinstructions to minimize the cycle count.

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Unfortunately, proposing optimization options is beyond the scope of this tool right now.

You do have the following options, though:

1. Take a look at the tool user's guide, it may provide a direction.

2. Post the issue on the forum, if the code is not confidential. Someone, including us, may be willing to help. I think we had a few examples in the past where this actually worked.

Acoolme :Anybody Can Be Your Marketer

check here for the latest version: http://www.intel.com/Assets/PDF/manual/248966.pdf

Thanks to the link. This book is really nice.

Haveanybody a list of links to download the books?

question is unclear, please clarify.