How to start.......

How to start.......


Hello, everyone as i came to know about this contest. I am very much interested in participating in it.
But the problem is, i have no knowledge in the field of game development.
I searched the articles to read, the softwares to download but i was not able to figure out from where to start.
I would be very thankfull to anyone who could guide me through the starting steps for the game development.
I have certain questions at the moment like........

1. Which softwares to use for starting...
2. Any basic game programme codes which we can study, build, run and learn from it.
3. Reference to books for starters.
4. Other software requirements...
5. System requirements...
6. The technology for which we have to develop the games...

These are the questions i am searching the answers now. When needed i would ask others as i would encounter them. Since, i know there is a crowd of professionals behind this screen who can help me out........


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Start with the "Game Coding Complete" book. The best one in my opinion. It starts explaining basic game architectures and also deal with specific topics such as graphics, AI, multiplayer.

Also this book will tell you describe several options for you to use (graphics libraries, tools...)


i think the best way to start would be with AGS( adventure game studio ) its a free software used to creat good small and large games....check out its forums and discussions to get a good idea for a game...


Game engines/creators are a good way to put something together fast. However, you will soon grow tired of them. As soon as you can, jump into a real programming language.

Another way is to use LUA script. Its fast, easy to learn and it has a gameprogramming library called Lve2D (google it for details). Some gamedev companies use LUA script as a piece of the game, but there is no reason you couldnt use it for a complete game/demo.

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I personally recommend that everyone takes a look at Unity3D. It is a great engine, with the engine being useable for free, with a commercial use option.

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I would personnaly recommend you choose an engine that you have the source code to. The reason is because in the end you don't want to be modding your game off of a backend. You will most likely need to be able to change your backend.

After a quick glance around it looks like has the best for the cheapest application creation engines with source code access.