Removing Corrupted Intel Array Visualizer Installation

Removing Corrupted Intel Array Visualizer Installation


I have a corrupted Intel Array Visualizer installation on a WinXP 64-bit machine. The removal option doesn't work, and neither do the modify/repair options. I even tried a reinstall (using, but I only get choices to repair or modify, neither of which fix the problem (they appear to fix the problem, but launching the program gives fatal errors).

Attempting to remove gives me an "Error 1722: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." Seeing as this is an orphan package (at this time), I'm turning to this forum for help.

All I'd like to do is remove the corrupted IAV package and reinstall a clean copy. Any suggestions? Or am I stuck with a manual removal and registry-cleaning exercise?



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Thanks, Steve! That worked like magic. I should have thought of it myself as I've used the removal tool in the past, but sometimes one gets tunnel vision! It's good to have someone bop one's memory every now and then.


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I also had this annoying error for quite a time. I managed to uninstall Array visualizer byfindingthename of Array visualizer installer and running itwith msiexec /x