What editor and engine do you all use and how did you integrate Havok in to them.

What editor and engine do you all use and how did you integrate Havok in to them.

I am a vb.net developer that writes webs and windows apps. I have taken some C and C++ classes about 9 year ago and still have a fare understanding of them but no longer proficient with then but it want take me long to get back into the swing. I currently have both MS Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 (not the free version but the full version). I want to try my hand a game dev and want to know what editors to use or try. Im short on cash so I cant buy the expensive ones. I am trying out DX Studio and 3d Game Studio and want to know of any others before I buy something? And how well I can import external items in to them? And if I can also get Havok and other engines to replace any that they may come with? And what all engine that I will need for a SPS? Ive been checking all the blogs but all I find is how every thing sux.

Sorry for all the questions but I just want to be sure on what to use before I buy something that I will end up shelving do to lack of functionality or lacking in ease of use.

Thanx for your help in advance.

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I think I word my Question wrong. mybad.

I am new to game writing and want to know the best way to get started?

I want to know what compiler or program that you all use to tie the engines and graphics together? I curently use Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 for my windows apps.

Do i just use this or do you all recomend other software?

Hi shanew76,

Visual Studio 2005/2008 is indeed the IDE+compiler used, in general, for Windows game development.


OK thanx,

Now what language do you use. C++ or C# or dos it depend on what you are developig? I notest the the XNA is only for C#.I guess that a microsoft thing, lol.

Dose any one no of a small sample game project that workslike tetris? im tryingfind a workingsample to show some one.

Hi shanew76,

The Havok Complete SDK is written entirely in C++. If you want to use it with a C# project you'll probably need a wrapper like benny53's XnaHavok. There is no complete wrapper available yet that I know of.

There are plenty of demos available with the download already running in our own Havok graphics framework.


thatnx i just got them dowloaded last knight and was looking through them i tryed to run the demo project but i think that not the way to go. i mean i found a project file that i oppend with VS C++ 2005 and got it to load but it gave me errors. it probaly was doe to the fack i did not have any of the SDK installed so i spent the rest of the night loading DX SDK, Win platform 2008 SDK and the Intell SDK. ill try it again tonight and see what happens.

Sorry about the type-Os did not proof read.