Should I use Havok?

Should I use Havok?

Hi all,

I am doodling around with DirectX at the moment, and I feel I got the hang of the basic stuff. My question is simple: I want to include some "simple" physics functionality in my current project such as collisions with walls & floors. Is the free Havok distribution the way to go, or would I be better off looking elsewhere?

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Hey idduka,

It shouldn't be any trouble integrating Havok with your DirectX code.

I think the best place to start would be doing a console-based Havok project, like our console example in the standalonedemos. Once you figure out how to create a Havok world with a body in it like that, you can begin integrating it into your DirectX-powered graphics code.

Once you have a Havok world with a box being simulated in the same code as a DirectX scene with a box, you can tie those boxes together (i.e., take the Havok-generated transforms for that box's shape and apply them to your DirectX box).

If you get this far you're pretty much flying. You can then start thinking about scaling things up to be imported from external files and adding constraints and all that other stuff we support.

Any problems you have getting this going; just ask here.