problem in invoking browse action of upnp

problem in invoking browse action of upnp


i have a problem in invoking browse action in a code generated by
LAUNCH CODE WIZARD which is a intel tool of upnp. the command to invoke

void MediaServerCP_Invoke_ContentDirectory_Browse(struct UPnPService
*service,void (*CallbackPtr)(struct UPnPService *sender,int
ErrorCode,void *user,char* Result,unsigned int NumberReturned,unsigned
int TotalMatches,unsigned int UpdateID), void* user, char* ObjectID,
char* BrowseFlag, char* Filter, unsigned int StartingIndex, unsigned
RequestedCount, char* SortCriteria)

can anyone explain me the first two arguments in that function. in the
first argument how to get the pointer to aservice and in the second
argument whts the code needed to be written in the call back function
to get the xml document printed in "result"

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