Array Visualizer stand alone component

Array Visualizer stand alone component


I am having problems getting the array viewer to work in a program I wrote. I have looked at the samples such as the animation sample but don't know where to start. I have a simple program that performs some calculations and stores the data in an array P1. I have a calculate subroutine which gets input values, calculates the data then displays some of the values. I wish to add the array visualizer to show a 3D plot of the array when this calculate subroutine is called. Can anyone help or point to where there is better samples and learning material on this topic? Thanks in advance

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What version and edition of Visual Fortran do you have? If you have Compaq Visual Fortran Standard Edition, you cannot use Array Visualizer. CVF Pro and all editions of Intel Visual Fortran include Array Visualizer sample programs.

Steve - Intel Developer Support