How can I get the samples for IPP3.0

How can I get the samples for IPP3.0

Hi,When Iuse the arm-linux-gcc to compile the samples for IPP4.0,it says
usingthe FP instructions.I know the pxa255 doesn't supportMMx instructions.
But wherecan I get the samples for IPP3.0?


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Dear Customer,

We did not provide the samples for Intel IPP 3.0 Linux for Intel PXA25x. All samples you get are based on Intel IPP version 4.0.

As you may know, there is no IPP 4.0 for Linux for PCA, and we will provide it in future releaes. At this time, you may use IPP version 3.0 Linux for Intel PXA25x processors as alternative solution. This download file is available in product "Intel IPP for Linux*" in Intel Premier Support.

Ying S
Intel IPP Support