Problems in linking to MKL

Problems in linking to MKL

I have recently downloaded Intel's MKL and installed it. But I am having problems in trying to link to the lapack32 library. Any help is appriciated. Here is sample of what I did.

ifc -Vaxlib -L/opt/intel/mkl60/lib/32/ -lmkl_lapack32 -lpthreads -openmp variablesize.f

9 Lines Compiled
/usr/lib/crt1.o:In function '_start':***
/usr/lib/crt1.o(.text+0x18): unidentified reference to 'main'

/opt/intel/mkl60/lib32/ undefined reference to 'chemm'
/opt/intel/mkl60/lib32/ undefined reference to 'sspr'
/opt/intel/mkl60/lib32/ undefined reference to 'strsm'
/opt/intel/mkl60/lib32/ undefined reference to 'ctrmm'

etc, etc

The above bolded errors I always get, I think this is due to not linking to the proper library The other errors are occuring when I try to link to lapack32 library in the mkl package. I've read through a lot of support material but to no avail any help is appriciated. Thanks

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AFAIK just linking is not enough. You should
also link or
Please read MKL's documentation to get more information on this.

usr/lib/crt1.o:In function '_start':***
/usr/lib/crt1.o(.text+0x18): unidentified reference to 'main'
error - you will get this error if you try to create an executable with file without the main function.
Use -c option to just compile the file (without main function).


Thanks my Desi friend, it works now.