Entry Acceptance Vs Due Dates and Validation

Entry Acceptance Vs Due Dates and Validation

I have a question about how/when challenge entries are considered official. Does an entered application have to pass validation before the entry date or will it be considered a valid entry if it was submitted for validation before the entry date? The reason I ask, is I was recently ready to submit my application for validation and enter it into the challenge, when I ran into an upload bug in the submission forms. This bug caused me a three day delay in getting my application submitted for validation. I have submitted the entry for my application, but because of the delay, may not see it get validated until Monday(unless the validation team works over the weekend). So I'm wondering, will my application still be accepted for consideration in this category of the challenge if it's still going through validation on Sunday?
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From experience I recommend that you contact support for an official answer to this question. Please use this form:


Hi Alogical,

Thank you for your query.

Generally, it is the submission date that is considered when submitting an application as entry for a challenge/competition. Only entries that have been submitted on or before the deadline will be considered.

More information of the official rules on this link: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/contest/officialrules

I will get some more information on what happens if the app fail validation. I will get back to you on this.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Regards, DG Rooven

I'm still unsure what happened with this situation...

My entry appeared in the list of entries here on the website so it seemed as though everything was fine.

I had received an email back from support saying "We are checking into this", but then never received anything more.

I had two applications entered into the contest for this last category but only received one email saying that my application had not won, though the email had no reference to what application it was referring to.

So at this point I'm still unsure if my entry ever made it before the judges, which is a bit disappointing.

Hi Alogical,

This request has been escalated to the concerned team. I have re-contacted the back-end team to get an update on this one.
I will get back to you when I get a response from them.


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Regards, DG Rooven

My last post was more of a follow up comment. The winner of the category was already decided.

After the upload bug was fixed it was difficult to tell if my last entry actually made it through validation in time for the judging since I had two entries but only received one email, and that email did not name the application it was in reference to.

Just some bad luck.

Thanks Rooven.

Hello Alogical,

Sorry for the confusion. If a developer is not informed that they are the winner – then they will only receive one non-winner e-mail regardless of the number of apps entered.

Hal G.
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Hi Guys,

I have an ISV who has submitted an app for validation (Christmas Word Search) with 23 minutes left to the deadline of the "Best app to replace pen and paper" competition. He asked me if he would still be considered for the competition. After reading through this forum I gave him the link to ask for an official answer and also told him (as is stated in this thread) that it was usually the submission date not the validation date that was taken into account. this is his response

Hi Allan

I received a reply from support saying

"The competition 'Best App to Replace Pen & Paper' is like the other competitions we had ? the application can take part only after publishing in the AppUp (after validation is complete).

Anyway, I might need to check if your application will take part in this competition after/if approved."

If this is correct then it seems that I'm not in the running for the competition as the winner is notified on Monday 22 November. My last app took a week and a half to pass validation.

I think these rules should be made clearer on the website.

Thanks for you help


I tend to agree that clearer rules are needed. Also we are both still in the dark over whether "Christmas Word Search" is part of the competition or not.

If anybody could clear this up for me it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi All,

We have asked the concerned team for some more clarifications on this.
We will get back to you when we get a response.


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Regards, DG Rooven

Any update on the clarification of this? Thanks

I don't know if you noticed but the "Christmas Word Search" App is listed under the entries to the competition so I would guess it has passed submission requirements.

Thanks Steven. It would be great to clarify the official rules for future competitions.

I have an official answer thanks to Bob Duffy.

"unfortunately, if the app has not gone through validation – there is no way of judging the app. It is stated in the official rules that app must be submitted to the Intel AppUp developer challenge and pass validation."

So an app must clear validation by the competition deadline.

My App had passed validation but due to an error on the part of Intel was not available on AppUp despite passing validation well in advance...

I wonder whether it will still be counted?

The App is called "Search-Lite"...