Jar signing

Jar signing

Looks like that the launcher for Packaging Utility does not detect that I have Java SDK 1.6 installed . If I directly run adp_packager.jar at command line, everything works fine.
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Thanks for the reply.

I meant to ask another question about signing jar. Do I need to sign the final jar ? I don't see that it's required.

Also, as in general for paid apps, how does Intel Appup Store allow users to try before they make purchase ? Does a developer need to provide a license key to unlock the full version for paid apps or the Store has some way to allow users to try before purchase ?

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Concerning users trying apps: end customers have a 24h grace period in which they can cancel a purchase. See AppUp FAQ:


Well, we don't really want them cancelling purchases...now do we? Write excellent apps and that's not a problem. Quality, not quantity.




I observed the same behavior as well, perhaps this is a bug?

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I had this as well; essentially I had jdk1.6.0_17, but I had to download the latest jdk1.6.0_23 before it would work.

Thus I assume there is a dependancy to minor version as well as major 1.6.

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This includes the task like Saving the files to disk,open a file and executing a program outside of the jar.