Is my application really compatible with Moblin?

Is my application really compatible with Moblin?

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I've set only two compatible items for my program - - Windows XP and Windows 7 (yes, I actually tested my software on them!), then someone (from validation team?) added also Moblin to supported operating systems. Is my Windows program really compatible with this Linux-like system? Do you mean that it is runnable via an emulator similar to well-known WINE? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hello Valerian,

This does not mean that your app is compatible with Moblin. It is an issue with the web site. I will ask to have Moblin removed as a supported O/S.

Hal G.
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My recommendation is to target Meego for now, and in the near future the AppUp SDK will be supported for that platform. I am seeing many developers getting into Meego with QT lately. Best of luck.