64bit issue - My apps not showing up when I use Intel AppUp(SM) center on my laptop or PC

64bit issue - My apps not showing up when I use Intel AppUp(SM) center on my laptop or PC

If you are experiencing this you are experiencing a feature not a bug. The Intel AppUp(SM) center expanded to support 64 bit consumer laptops at CES this year, thereby bringing a whole new audience to your apps. Many of the apps in the Intel AppUp(SM) center are being validated for 64 bit Windows 7. If you have an existing app in Intel AppUp(SM) center that passed this validation, you should have received an email listing all apps that have passed validation for 64-bit laptops. If you have not received any communication, or don’t see a previously-published app in the Intel AppUp(SM) center when using a 64-bit version of Windows 7, it is either: 1. Going through validation 2. Is in the 64 bit validation queue 3. It did not pass 64 bit validation If the app did not pass 64-bit validation, it should still be visible in Intel AppUp(SM) center when using a 32-bit version OS (Windows 7). Developers do not need to resubmit their apps to get validated for 64 bit. As always we encourage your feedback and questions on this.
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It would be really great if sum1 know the solution of running appup on 32-bit OS...

Thanks in advance :]


I sent an email to the support team about why my app (32 Bits) is not found on the search when client is installed on a 64 bit OS. My app was tested by beta testers and myself on 64 Bit OS and it runs fine.
The answer I got is that it will be faster to re-submit my app and explicilty said it runs on 64 bit OS instead of wating for the validation team to find about that.

Is that the recommend option?


My name is Norman Chou and I'm a technical marketing engineer. What is the name of your App? I will have my support and test team investigate you issue. Please feel free to email at norman.chou@intel.com



Thank you so much for your help. I just sent you an email with my app name.

I was facing the same problems. This forum is very helpful. :)

How long does this take? My application has been on the store and website for maybe 2 months now, and I still can't see it on the 64bit store. I know it works on Windows 7 64bit because that's what I've been developing it on.

It's quite frustrating how long it takes for anything regarding the store to get updated, and I shouldn't have to specify the name of my application so a ticket for it can be created, because this kind of problem shouldn't exist. Does the store not have dedicated staff to manage all of this? There seems to be plenty of funds for the competitions, but apparently none to hire at least one full-time person to validate the applications and website?


I am sorry for the delay. Your app Astrodude is supported on Windows 7 64 bit. We are able to see it on 64 bit systems.

I will forward your feedback to the validation team.

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Hasnt helped... Cant get this part to work.