Getting started with MeeGo OS...some basic user questions

Getting started with MeeGo OS...some basic user questions

Good evening all! I attended the info session at GDC and have been getting started playing around with my MeeGo tablet. I hope these questions aren't too basic/silly, but I've searched and have not found the answers. 1. Is it possible (or even recommended) to develop directly on the MeeGo tablet? I see SDKs to develop for MeeGo on Windows, so my likely course of action will be to download the SDK on my Windows laptop, and then test either via the simulated MeeGo environment, or on the device itself. 2. As far as basic MeeGo navigation, I've played around with the panels, and I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a file browser. Am I missing something? 3. I also did not see a text editor/word processor installed on the tablet. Any recommendations for a good one to download with MeeGo? Thanks, and have a wonderful evening!
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Hi dphoenix,

As far as the first question, you can develop directly on the tablet. One way to do this is to install qtcreator, gcc-c++, qt-qmake, make ( there are probably a few other packages that I'm not thinking of off the top of my head ).

It's also possible to develop MeeGo applications on your favorite Linux distro. However, when the application is nearly finished and you want to integrate with the AppUp Store, you will need to do this on Windows. Support for other platforms is still coming.