Air Meego deployment

Air Meego deployment

Hi! We recently finished remaking an existing product to work on meego (size, touch interface etc.). We have tested the application on the wetab and it works grate! We only have one issue right now, when we are about to deploy it on Intel AppUp we only find windows xp and windows 7 as supported plattforms, how come? Is there anyway we can wrap the application into a native application to run on Meego, WeTab? Thanks
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Hi !

Even we develop apps in Air! if any body does know how to port our Air Apps in Meego. Pls share us.

Intel is in the process of rolling out the MeeGo development enviroment to different platforms. Windows just happens to be the first out the door. A MeeGo SDK Linux that supported Ubuntu and Fedora was briefing out and was pulled due to some issues. I expect to see it reappearing very soon.

Look for it on

As far as Adobe AIR, Intel currently does not support this platform on MeeGo. Support may come in the future, but it will probably be some time before that happens.


We are expecting soon as it happened with Appup SDK soon they may integrate the Adobe Air. Mean while we are trying different methods to port our apps.
We have tried encapsulator which we will write in detail as a blog, post or article once our first app created via tool successfully gets published to Meego.

We also saw in tweets that "Sulamita Garcia said intel appup at meego is supporting adobe air #adobeair #flash #intel #meego #adobe @ozguryzlgunleri"

So lets hope for the best soon

We will keep you updated


Intel AppUp supports Adobe Air, C/C++ and Java.
Meego supports Adobe Air, with some limitations:

Now, to submit Adobe Air applications on AppUp *for* Meego, is something that is not stated on the guidelines yet. I'm looking for this information...

I stated this wrongly: Meego is able to run Adobe Air applications, but it's not officially supported. So for now, you can't submit Air applications for Meego on AppUp.

Yes ! Meego will run Air Applications in Meego. Even we are trying to create RPM for our air apps and submitting those to Appup.
We are just doing R&D trying it out in our test environment. If its successful it will be amazing for air developers. Will keep updating you people.

Thanks so much Sulamita Garcia for your reply.